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It is required that you have two artifacts per InTASC Standard, with the exception of InTASC 3a and 3b, which each require 2 artifacts. Therefore, you should have a total of 22 artifacts in your portfolio.

What is an Artifact?

An artifact is any piece of evidence used for demonstration purposes. During your coursework, your instructors will give specific guidelines on what kinds of artifacts you will have to submit. As you move forward into your student teaching experience, you will decide for yourself what materials you would like to use as artifacts.

Artifact Examples
Lesson Plans
Classroom Management Plans
Classroom work samples
Student work samples
Philosophies of Education

Artifacts may include more items that are on this list. These are just a few of the possibilities. It is important to understand that your portfolio will require artifacts that demonstrate competency in all of the InTASC standards.

Artifact Reflective Analysis

Along with attaching each artifact, you must give a Reflective Analysis. This means you must include the following information with each artifact: