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Technology Support and Loaner Equipment

Need technology support? You've come to the right place.

If you are in need of technology assistance, the iCare Corner is your one stop shop. We specialize in Apple products, including Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. We service education majors, Teachers College faculty and staff, and any other member of Ball State University that needs assistance with educational technology. We have a variety of services to meet the needs of our community.

MacBook One to One


Here at Teachers College, we believe in providing the best technology experience possible when earning an education. That is why Teachers College requires that every education student purchase a MacBook computer for all of their educational needs. Apple strives to provide top quality products to be used in the classroom, and the MacBook demonstrates this point perfectly. We believe the MacBook is the perfect tool to support the educational and technological needs of our students.

Which Mac is right for you?

Before you purchase your Macbook, you should consider the various options. View our MacBook Purchase Guide to see the differences.

For more information on purchasing a MacBook and details on our Mac one to one initiative, download our Apple Required Laptop Flyer.

For information on purchasing a Mac from the Ball State Technology Store, visit the Tech Store website.

EDTE 120

If you want a course that can help you better understand your Mac and its roll in education, EDTE 120 is just the course to take. We recommend that all education majors enroll for this course early in their career here at Ball State. Its 1 credit hour and meets only one day a week, so it won't take up a great deal of your time.

Learn Mac Apps

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When you take EDTE 120, you'll learn about the powerful apps that come preinstalled right on your Mac. This course dives into these applications, giving you a hands on experience that will benefit you in future classes, as well as when you are teaching one day yourself.

An Interactive Text Book

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EDTE 120 uses a newly designed textbook that is created specifically to work on a Mac. Learn to use an interactive digital textbook, and see what advantages it brings over traditntal texts. Best of all, this textbook is free.

Learn from the Pros

In EDTE 120, you'll also get a jump start on building your digital teaching portfolio. Learn from the masters as you craft your own website to display your best works.

Register with your Advisor

Ask your advisor how to register for EDTE 120 today, and get a jump start on using your Mac.